CIC36 Community Interest Statement

Section A

The company's activities will provide benefit to…

Young people, families, schools, community interest, or faith groups, individuals, and any organisations that help the foregoing in the SW, W, NW or Central postal districts of London, as well as in other areas of London or the United Kingdom as time permits, and provided that an expansion could not be reasonably expected to degrade the quality of services provided after such an expansion had taken place.

Section B


Creation and selection of content; presentation and provision of information and training to beneficiaries, family members of beneficiaries, schoolchildren, educators, and those who will advocate E-Safety to others: meetings and clubs. Development of a website called (and other websites as required), directing those with urgent needs towards advice, as well as providing information helping people to start and continue improving E-Safety. We'll also do or purchase anything reasonably required to support the above activity.

How will the activity benefit the community? will help anyone with serious or urgent concerns related to technology (whether online or over telecoms) or online activity. It is intended to load quickly and generally to redirect users towards other sites that can help them, although we shall create some content of our own.

We will support anyone concerned for themselves or others about the risks and potential bad effects of modern technology (including all types of computing, networking and telecoms devices). These include technical attacks on devices or data, as well as the dangers posed by today's increase in online activity: misinformation, exploitation, bullying, recruitment for illicit activity, societal maladjustment, etc..

If the company makes any surplus it will be used for...

Improving the work we do, taking on new activities if they support our goals, and increasing our geographical coverage, and any activities reasonably needed to support the foregoing, or purchases.