A few years ago an economist wrote that there had been no recent advances to compare with inventions from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, such as railways and automobiles.

This seemed like utter rubbish to me. You and I have seen technology revolutionise work, business, politics and even the way countries wage war. Most of us have been attracted into using new tech, but there are so many changes, in so short a time, that we struggle to keep up and to avoid risks as we reap the rewards.

People aren’t stupid. Sooner or later they’ll adapt. Sooner would be better though— because until society has adapted itself, people will continue being hurt, particularly the young or vulnerable. GoSafer.Online CIC is a non-profit company founded to help build the new culture of online behaviour.

We're a new company, and about as small as it's possible to be, but we do know some really good people. So, on the basis that you’re as smart as the people you know, there’s some chance that we’ll play a part. If you think you might be able to help us— with the work, or to better understand the problems, we'd love to hear from you.

P. Symons