Are you worried about what your kids see and do online? E-Safety is something we all need to learn about and discuss with friends and family. What is E-Safety?

You can make a big difference. You don’t have to be an expert in technology. You do need to start learning about online safety, and to keep going.

How does it help? The more you know, the more you can learn, and so on. Technical programmes and news stories will start to make sense, and when you ask your child to explain something to you, perhaps you'll understand the answer!

A conversation

When our children accidentally view something that's nasty or wrong for their age group, we want to be the ones they turn to. Technical fixes like parental controls may help— but they're not the whole answer.

In the end our children will be be safe and happy because we've educated them about what’s good online, what to avoid, and what to do when they couldn't avoid it.

To understand tech you have to get your hands dirty, not just look at a web site or listen to a lecture. If you think GoSafer.Online CIC could help in your community, particularly if you have your own funding or if there's scope for putting together a joint grant application, please do get in touch.