For Community Groups and Organisations

Working With Community Groups

To genuinely help our community, we have to do more than care: we must change things. Time and money are both likely to be scarce, so it's important to make effective use of them. A big step forward is to recognise that the best ideas and skills are never within one organisation. By finding partners who are strong where we’re not, we increase the chances that our project becomes less like a hobby and more like something really important.

For GoSafer.Online, one challenge is to attract an audience. Just because E-Safety is important doesn’t mean that people will attend a workshop devoted solely to the topic. Suppose we overcome that obstacle and we've now got a room full of people. A new problem: how do we maintain contact with that audience long enough to make a difference? Our presenter doesn’t know them. They probably don’t know each other. It’s not going to be easy to get them back for further sessions.

Increasing the Impact

If your group would benefit from E-Safety training ( fitted around the group's usual activities ) we have the knowledge to tell them what they need to know, pitched at a level they can understand. How to make it even more effective?

If your workers or volunteers regularly talk to your group, could they do the presentation? Our experience suggests they could. We’ll help you plan sessions and early on we’ll come along to support. By enabling your people to cover the topic instead of doing all the work ourselves, the sessions will be more relaxed, the local impact should last longer and we can spread the word more widely. We’ll keep in touch and still come along from time to time: we'll need to know how you’re getting on, and you may be able to tell us how we can improve.

That’s a quick summary of one way of working together, but it may not reflect exactly what you need. We’re a small organisation so do get in touch and we’ll see if we can come up with something more closely lined up with your needs.