Our contacts with local non-profits, cultural associations, school pupils and parents, local authorities and the library service have guided us toward practical models for helping people with E-Sense and E-Safety. At least one project we’re discussing has never been done before as far as we know. So the work is progressing well, but we need support to establish and sustain it.


As a new non-profit we don’t have a track record. What we do have is an enthusiasm to make GoSafer.Online CIC really mean something in the world, and since we don’t have the habits that sometimes burden an established company it’s relatively easy to be flexible and creative. Of course, a reputation is built not just on the results we achieve in the field, but on the way we account for what we are given, so we’re trying to build in a high standard of governance too.


Although we’re in the non-profit sector, we have a commercial background. So we understand why companies sponsor community work, and what they legitimately expect in return.

Corporate Volunteers

There’s plenty of marketing, advertising, and presentation work to do, as well as IT admin and even software development. We have our own development expertise (though very little time to use it) which is handy because we can talk to developers in their own language.

Personal Donations

Although our funding campaign is not targeting individual donations, if you have a substantial sum and would like to use it for a worthwhile cause, get in touch. We can look how to receive it in a tax-efficient way, and how to give you a view on what your generosity is achieving.