We want GoSafer.Online to create the maximum benefit for the community. That means using money carefully. Once you’ve employed someone you have a fixed cost that’s still there even if the work isn’t. So we’re reluctant to take on employees when the workload doesn’t justify it, which means there are lots of opportunities for volunteers.

Why help us? Well of course you have to believe that the goal is worthwhile (it is). That’s not all though: by assisting others you build up skills and experience that could be useful in your career.

We’re friendly but we do need to get the work out. So we have expectations of our volunteers. If you’re looking for career experience that’s good because it’s a businesslike environment— and isn’t it more fun achieving things than wasting time?

We work directly with schools and with the community, but there’s also lots of back office work and it’s a big job keeping the web site going. So if you’re interested in something from that list, please do get in touch and we’ll see about signing you up.