We help children, families and everyone else to find out what they need to know and do to be safer online. We want to help younger people understand risks they may not have thought of. We want adults to catch up with the kids on the technical side (well, not really catch up, but at least get a basic knowledge they can build on).

The best result will be a conversation. We learn from each other. The culture changes. One day everyone will know someone who can help them get the best out of the online world without taking big risks.

How We Do It

The best way to help people make a change is by talking to them. You find out what they think, answer any objections, check on how they’re progressing and help with any problems.

So we start in the community — but how will we reach enough people that way? The answer is that we won’t always speak directly to our audience. Plenty of good communicators are out there. With a bit of support they can do the job. Helping people to help others will spread the word much further. And yes, this web site is a part of our work but it’s here to support what’s going on in the real world. As we discover more and more about what people need the website will evolve to suit.

We Work With

…anyone who can help us towards the goal. Currently we’re either working with or talking to state and supplementary schools, community groups, local authorities. youth groups, charities and charitable umbrella organisations,

Details of our Activities
PresentationsWe find the audience, make arrangements and provide speaker/s
Guest PresentationsWe provide a speaker at an event hosted by a partner organisation
WorkshopsThese may be hosted by a partner organisation
Workshop SupportA partner organisation hosts a workshop lead by someone from the organisation
Parents Coffee MorningsAn E-Safety presentation at a school parents coffee morning
E-Discovery Club SupportHelping a teacher run a club introducing children to interesting online resources and occasional E-Safety information
Group Leader TrainingTraining the leader of a community group to deliver E-Safety content to their audience
Community Worker SupportProviding community workers with what they need to help clients with E-Safety concerns
School E-Safety Event SupportProducing content, providing training or delivering presentations at "E-Safety Week" or similar events
PSHE Curriculum SupportAssisting a school in selecting age-appropriate topics for PSHE studies and possibly providing content
Lesson ContentProvision of lesson plans, visuals, or content for PSHE lessons on E-Safety
School Messaging SupportConsultancy support for schools considering a "campaign" to support a change in school E-Safety rules or culture
ContentSelection and signposting of good E-Safety from third parties; production of our own E-Safety content to frame and enhance such content
Printed MatterCourse materials and leaflets
Web DevelopmentDevelopment of our web sites to support the work we're doing in the community