Community Organisations

Can we help you?

Your organisation uses technology so it's under attack. Tech reporters are bored with writing about ransomware— one reason is probably the huge number of attacks. It's hard to tell the same story over and again.

If your business is crippled by ransomware it's not boring at all. Don't assume "nobody's going to bother with us"; you're not up against someone in a hoodie sitting in front of a green-on-black screen. It's going to be automated, maybe an attack "service" rented by someone who's not even a programmer.

Ransomware is only one type of online threat. There are so many others that unfortunately you do have to waste your precious time thinking about E-Safety, and your people need to follow good E-Safety practice to defend your organisation.

If your group would benefit from E-Safety training, fitted around your other activities, we can tell them what they need to know, and pitch it at a level they can understand.

Can we help your community?

The people you support are unlikely to suffer a ransomware attack, but they could be vulnerable to a much wider range of threats, including identity theft, fake news as well as problems that affect their kids, such as cyber-bullying, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) or depression.

It's unfair to expect a general non-profit to understand all this well enough to give E-Safety advice. We believe that working together is the answer, especially if you have people working in the community.

If your people could provide E-Safety information to the ones they serve, we might reach an audience who are never going to show up for a training session. If they're vulnerable or housebound, they're the very people GoSafer.Online most wants to help.

For that part of your audience who do attend group sessions, we can help your people to present to them. When we've tried this it's worked really well; participants were relaxed, so the presenter was able to get them involved in the activities and we think the benefits lasted longer than if we'd done the job ourselves. We can help you plan the sessions, and in the early days we’ll come along to support the presenters. We’ll keep in touch so that we can discuss how you’re getting on and how we can improve.

That’s a one way of working together but it may not be exactly what you need. Get in touch if you have other ideas. We’re a small organisation so it's easy to adapt to individual needs.

Tools for the job

Technology helps us to provide effective support. We can now offer "personal" web pages. Why would you want that? Read more here, or Contact us.