Why volunteer with us?

E-Safety is getting more and more important, especially for the young, the old, and people who may be vulnerable for other reasons. You want to help your family and friends stay safe, but would you like to make a difference on a wider stage? Then get in touch...

Can you help?

Probably yes. The community is where we operate. If you talk to your neighbours, and perhaps the wider community, you can help. How much time will you have to put aside? That depends on you— it doesn't have to be big chunks of your time. We don't offer the old-fashioned two- or three-day training courses. People may care about E-Safety, but they don't want to sit through that.

We agree with them. For the general public, E-Safety is about good habits. They hear media stories about security problems affecting their devices. We don't want them to just worry; they need to get into the habit of doing something, be it a software update or a change in how they use a device.

The "human" side of E-Safety is even more important than the technical stuff. There are so many distractions in modern life that messages have to be delivered regularly to make them stick.

That's impossible— unless we partner up with people and organisations who are engaged with the community. If you already volunteer with an organisation, so much the better; we'd like to talk to them about whether E-Safety information can be integrated with the messages thay deliver.

So anyone who can help us deliver regular, simple but effective E-Safety messages in the community will be at the centre of what we do, and we need to speak to you. We co-ordinate with community organisations, so if

What else?

Well, the "front-line" is our work in the community, but it needs a lot of back office support, from general admin to working with volunteers, finding or creating content, copywriting, or promotional work, web design and programming.

So if you have a bit more time, and any of the above skills (or you're developing them), this could be for you. We're still a new company. That's good because it's exciting to be in at the beginning, and with fewer people around, your ideas are likely to get a hearing. You could be one of the architects of our future success.

Other benefits?

Nobody has a lifetime job any more, and experience working with us can be a stepping stone to whatever other stepping stone you may want to get to. We're from the world of business, and we want GoSafer.Online to be a businesslike company. That's good: it means experience working with us could be worth something to your next employer, and we'll try to support the kind of learning that is useful elsewhere, not just when you're with us.

Other information

Our "frequently asked questions page" for volunteers is here: Volunteer FAQs

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Here's a report on the hours spent by our existing volunteers

Month Ending Hours No. Volunteers
Aug 2021 153 2
Jul 2021 158 3
Jun 2021 125 3
May 2021 134 2
Apr 2021 119 2
Mar 2021 204 2
Feb 2021 152 1
Jan 2021 234 2
Dec 2020 150 1
Nov 2020 189 2
Oct 2020 155 2
Sep 2020 157 2
Aug 2020 100 1
Jul 2020 180 2
Jun 2020 160 2
May 2020 146 1
Apr 2020 189 1
Mar 2020 159 2
Feb 2020 174 1